War on Waste in Chard

Local supporters and our TPA action team gathered outside the historic Guildhall in Chard in southern Somerset for a War on Waste action day. We handed out leaflets and chatted to passers-by about cutting waste in local government expenditure.

‘My main concern is about the unfairness of the Council Tax and the sheer waste and huge salaries in local government,’ says Chard resident and TPA supporter Peter Yaxley. 

Yaxley has been waging a long campaign against the local town council’s wasteful ways. And the Chard and Illminster News noted recently that the salaries of top council bosses making key decisions across Chard, Ilminster and Crewkerne have come under TPA scrutiny. ‘At a time when councils are finding necessary savings it’s absolutely right that senior officials recognise their part in delivering value for money to the taxpayer,’ said TPA spokesman Andy Silvester.

‘We re-structured our senior management team in 2010 when the council agreed to the sharing of a chief executive with East Devon District Council as a means of reducing costs,’ replied a spokesman for South Somerset District Council.

‘At the same time the number of directors was reduced from four to two. Additionally, the overall number of staff employed in the same period by the council has reduced by over 100, and again this was primarily to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We annually publish the pay information for our senior officers in our Senior Pay Policy Statement, which is available on our website.’

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