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The TaxPayers' Alliance March 18, 2014 4:30 PM

The TaxPayers' Alliance - Britain's independent grassroots campaign for lower taxes and less government waste – is seeking a talented and motivated campaign manager to take a lead in communicating the organisation’s messages to the public through the national print and broadcast media, social media and the TPA’s website.

The successful candidate will:

    • focus on successfully promoting and representing the TPA’s mission and research;


    • publicise the results of the campaign’s research programme to both the print and broadcast media;


    • play a key role as a representative of the TPA, initiating and building relationships with the media and other opinion formers;


    • assist with the campaign team’s record keeping and reporting, and the production of bulletins, newsletters and other promotional materials;


    • lead on launching and maintaining the TPA’s new website;


    • drive the TPA’s digital campaign and ensure that our Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels are updated regularly with new and interesting content;


    • cover the media hotline, including some evenings and weekends;


    • represent the TPA at events and speaking engagements;


    • occasionally travel nationally and/or internationally, if required;


    • fulfil other duties as reasonably requested.


    • The role will be based full-time in the TPA’s Westminster offices.

Closing Date:30 March 2014

How to apply: please send a CV and covering letter/e-mail to: Emma Bennett at emma.bennett@taxpayersalliance.com.

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