Weekly Waste Watch- 78

My bonus is clearly in the national interest

In the news this week:

£53m bonuses for Treasury mandarins- "SENIOR civil servants in the department responsible for the tax credit fiasco have been paid more than £53million in bonuses. Nearly half the sum was paid in the last 12 months... Critics pointed out that the performance-related rewards were handed out as the tax burden on middle-income households soared and the Treasury-run tax credit system descended into chaos." (Express 20.10.07)

Olympics consultants have already grabbed £62m- "Olympic chiefs are facing fresh criticism over their handling of the budget for the London 2012 Games after the Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell admitted that consultants are to receive more than £60 million for their work on the project. The Olympic Delivery Authority spent £50.49 million in 2006-2007 and between April and July this year spent a further £10.7 million in 2007-2008. In addition, Jowell says, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport spent £721,266 in 2006-2007 and between April and July this year spent another £202,314." (Telegraph 18.10.07)

£22m bribes for failed asylum seekers- "Failed asylum seekers are to be offered up to £4,000 to go home voluntarily. The support packages - which can include help towards private school fees - are intended to arrest an alarming slump in the number of bogus refugees being removed from the country. The deal includes money for housing, childcare fees and even help setting up a business. There is also a cash payment of £500 at the airport. But the part of the increased package which provoked the most comment was the possibility that failed asylum seekers could claim money towards private school and university fees for their children. The total budget for the scheme - to be met by the taxpayer - is £22million a year." (Mail 20.10.07)

Idle Welsh quangocrats paid £2m pa- "FORMER quango employees are being paid around £2m a year without having been found a proper job by the Welsh Assembly Government... Around 70 members of staff are still waiting to be slotted in to new roles more than 18 months after three quangos were merged with the Assembly Government... “The whole thing has been ill-thought-out, ill-planned and quite obviously ill-delivered.” (Western Mail 17.10.07)

£20,000 compensation for barmy NHS psychotherapy- "A woman who falsely accused her father of rape after undergoing a discredited "recovered memory" psychotherapy has won a £20,000 payout from a local health authority. Katrina Fairlie claimed a hospital psychiatrist almost ruined her life after he extracted false memories that her father had sexually abused her. Miss Fairlie, who withdrew the baseless allegations months after making them, revealed during other sessions with consultant Dr Alex Yellowlees that she witnessed her father murder a child and named him and 17 other men, including two politicians, as paedophiles." (Mail 20.10.07)

Total for week- £149,020,000

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