Welsh Government gets involved with… Scottish Independence?

The question of Scottish Independence is a burning issue both in Holyrood and Westminster, but the Welsh Government in Cardiff Bay has now managed to scuff together enough half-baked arguments to include itself in the discussion.  This, of course, is regarding the debate over borrowing and tax raising powers.

In 2011, a referendum was held so that the Welsh people could decide if they wanted law making powers to be made available to their representatives.All four political parties approved of this move, but now the same political parties are also calling for the findings of Paul Silk (The Silk Commission) to be fully implemented.  The Silk Commission argued that with further devolution should come limited powers to raise tax and borrows. For those of us living in Wales this means a travesty is on the horizon.

The Welsh Governments First Minster, Carwyn Jones, in a recent letter to the Chancellor called on the UK Government to give Wales the essential powers it apparently needs. Reported by the BBC, Mr Jones in a letter to the George Osborne appeals for the extra powers to defeat the Pro-Yes Lobby in Scotland.  It is claimed, that if it is not made evident that the UK Government is willing to work with devolved nations, then this will simply add to the Pro-Yes vote in Scotland. The First Minister argues by empowering the Welsh Government, a clear example would be provided that devolved funding can be successfully reformed and that the UK Government is willing to work with devolved nations.

You would have thought that the 2011 referendum would have been enough to satisfy the argument that the UK Government isn’t reluctant to work with devolved partners. This move though appears to be nothing more than a ransom demand in the build-up to the Scottish referendum.

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