West Country Extravagance

BBC West is this week hosting a televised debate on public sector cuts. They will not have to look far for some prime targets.

Highest paid council Chief Executive in the South West is Kevin Laverty of Cornwall County Council who raked in £238,800 of taxpayers’ money in 2009-2010.

Next came Jan Ormondroyd, heading Bristol Council for £220,457, and John Everitt, Chief Executive of Bath and North East Somerset on £211,626.

This is substantially more than the salary taken by the Prime Minister.

Are these men and women really saying that leading a council is more stressful and difficult than leading the country?

What are councillors doing voting through such extravagant pay packets?

All these positions could be cut by £100,000 and you would still find competent men and women queuing up to do the jobs.

Public sector cuts should start here, not with front line services.

By the way, this month Bristol businessman Mike Bennett starts his £72,000-a-year job as the city’s new “place-making director”.

He will be tasked with “enhancing Bristol’s sense of place”.

I thought the city had been doing pretty well on that front for at least the last 500 years…

Tim Newark, Bath TaxPayers’ Alliance


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