What a bunch of oinkers

TPA supporter Ian Taylor, a champion for giving us news on council waste, has come up with another shocking story of a Kent council using taxpayers’ money for lavish lunches.  This time Canterbury City Council’s Lord Mayor has entertained 11 council worthies and the Archbishop of Canterbury.  The news is that you’re the one being left with the bill.

Yes, as if the gold chain round her neck was cutting off the oxygen supply to her brain, the Lord Mayor of Canterbury Cllr. Carolyn Parry has left you with her lunch bill at a time when hardworking taxpayers’ can barely keep up with their own bill payments.

It’s a case of there being two worlds isn’t it?  One for the politicians and one for the rest of us.  The economy is on the verge of severe crisis – thanks to the frankly irresponsible Pre Budget Report yesterday – and our taxes are set to rise.  So what do your local worthies do – they serve you up a higher council tax bill so they can get away without having to pay their lunch bill.

Frankly, I think we’re all got a duty to reprimand Cllr Parry for her disgraceful behaviour.  You can contact her by sending an email

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