What is the 2020 Tax Commission?

The TaxPayers’ Alliance has established the 2020 Tax Commission with the Institute of Directors. Families and businesses in the UK are taxed far too much and the system is far too complicated. The work of this Commission will look at ways to address these problems.

The Chancellor has called our tax system a "spaghetti-bowl" and the work of the 2020 Tax Commission will feed into the debate on how to simplify it.

The Commission will work throughout 2011, holding evidence sessions and gathering written submissions from key business leaders, academics, and other tax experts. This will conclude with a major report to be released early in 2012.

Tax reform

The reality is that families and businesses in the UK are still taxed far too much. The UK has the world’s longest tax code – which has more than doubled in the last 13 years – and the costs of administering this system have soared at the same time.

For too long policy in a variety of areas, from welfare to business support, has seen the Government tax people and businesses too much and then hand some of it back as tax credits or grants. The VAT hike has come in, as well as fuel duty; the level of employers’ National Insurance Contributions offers weak incentives for employers to hire more staff and grow their business; hard-working families have less of their own money in their pockets and even face substantial taxes when they die; the complexity of the tax system means that mistakes are all too common.

As the Government tries to tackle the deficit, it’s important that a credible and robust long-term plan for tax reform is articulated – and the 2020 Tax Commission will explore ways to do this.

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