Wheelie not funny

Yesterday, Chris Whittington, one of our Worcester TPA activists and Chairman of Cropthorne Parish Council received an email from Wychavon District Council to herald the arrival of wheelie bins to his area.


Unfortunately, Chris’ reply caused something of  a sense of humour bypass at WDC (though it’s Wheeliebin2 achingly close to the truth!) and he was accused of spouting “misinformation”. Oh dear.


Here’s what Chris said:






WDC will FINE you for:


1. Putting out your wheely bin on any second Tuesday that is not followed by a Bank Holiday within two weeks of any third Monday in the month


2. Overfilling your Wheely bin by as much as one inch. (Health 'n Safefy Directive 4.3 (d) sub-para 4)


3. Inserting illegal substances into Wheely bin.


 4. Damaging the microchip controller "Big Brother is Watching You" or disabling the lid operated voice "WDC caring and sharing countywide"


 5. Placing your Wheely bin within six metres of the Highway.


 6. Dumping any WDC promotional material in Wheely bin is disrespectful and a serious offence. We will monitor for any unopened and unread promotional WDC full-colour magazines and will never fail to prosecute.


Offenders arguing with or assaulting WDC Waste Operatives will be met with CRIMINAL action. Minimum fine £1000 or 6 years imprisonment on summary conviction.


As a response to the “misinformation” accusation, Chris sent this:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-499717/Householders-pay-1-5m-fines-breaking-baffling-waste-crimes-leaving-bags-wrong-day.html


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