Who is in charge?

The police today are complaining that their role is 'not recognised' as the Home Secretary didn't honour the results of their pay arbitration.  It really says something that they are looking to the politicians for validation.  The very idea of the police as public servants has been undermined by political management that means the police are actually serving the politicians - catering to their priorities.  If the police were freed from political management and made accountable to local people, the ones who really face the economic and social costs of crime in their area, then they might feel genuinely valued.


We would all get better services.  Another story today is the news that PCTs have been advising GPs to minimise their time with patients:

"Concerns over the quality of out-of-hours care were raised after doctors were told to cut down on home visits, speak less to patients and make fewer referrals to try to save money."

We all lose out because consumers have no power over a health service run by unnaccountable quangos like the PCTs.  Politicians dictate the objectives, quangos provide the detail and the views and needs of doctors and patients are largely sidelined.

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