Who would spend £100k on desks?

MoneyA TPA activist has given us a heads-up on some remarkable government procurement projects put out to tender.


The first comes from Thurrock Council where we have bad news for the Bus service, but good news for the Mayor.  They’re looking for a chauffeur service to ferry the Mayor around the borough…nice work if you can get it.


Secondly, Renfrewshire Council is refurbishing its chambers at a tender (and cost to the taxpayer) of £100,000.  But it’s not a warts-and-all-change, it’s £100,000 for new desks or as they put it “bespoke panel-ended furniture and arched desking”


Finally, the Ministry of Defence are looking to spend £25,000 on a trip to Greenland…just in time for Christmas too.


You can find that and more here.


If you know of anything your local authority does to waste your money then email me at [email protected] to expose councils squandering your money.  Wouldn’t it be great if local government had to think twice before wasting our money because they know we are there, ready to hold them to account?

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