Wise words on foolish actions...

I just wanted to flag up a few choice words from the inimitable Fergus Shanahan in his Sun column today:


Dwarf French President Nicolas Sarkozy is carted off to hospital suffering from exhaustion, anxiously pursued on a motorbike by his sex goddess wife Carla Bruni.


Italy's randy old goat of a Premier, Silvio Berlusconi, is allegedly caught on tape giving an expensive prostitute sex tips after she admires his technique in the sack at 72.


What fun they have abroad.


Here the only people who get screwed are taxpayers.


Now, I for one am glad that our political leaders have a bit more decorum when it comes to their personal lives than Berlusconi. Although it's true many of the men I know just think he's an absolute lad, and I guess that's the reason he keeps getting voted in because to me, the man's a joke.


Fergus's bigger point though, is the real one. Day after day, there are more examples of Government at all levels using taxpayers' money for things that are neither legitimate nor productive projects. The Mirror have done excellent work yesterday and today on Quangos, and how they're blowing our cash and living the high life at our expense.


Exposing this sort of work is incredibly important, and something that is a core part of our work at the TPA. But we also have to take action, get involved and voice our displeasure at repeatedly getting 'screwed'.

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