WMTPA in Stoke

Last Friday the WMTPA hit Stoke for the very first time as TPA activist Russell Booth and I took to the streets of the city to collect signatures in support of our ‘Bring Them to Justice’ campaign, and to recruit new members.


Though the weather turned against us, the people of Hanley in Stoke were supportive and many were angry about the expenses claims submitted by MPs local to the Stoke and Staffordshire area. 


Equipped with our poster, leaflets and clipboard we managed to attract the attention of passing shoppers – many of whom felt entirely disillusioned with politics – and collected almost 200 signatures in only a few hours!


Just imagine what a huge help to the campaign it’d be if each activist spent a couple of hours in their local town or city centre collecting signatures and speaking to local people.


If you feel you could dedicate just a few hours of your time to promote our campaign near you, then please do drop me a line ([email protected]) and I’d be delighted to sort you out with campaigning materials and give you pointers on the most effective ways to recruit new supporters.


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