Wolverhampton branch on its way

On Friday those interested in forming the Wolverhampton TaxPayers’ Alliance gathered at Bantock House to discuss how a campaign for lower taxes and less government waste might be received in the local area.


The meeting had a great turn-out with residents keen to voice their views about the pressures of Wolverhampton1 taxation. From local council tax campaigner Don Morris to retired Superintendent of Police John Mellor OBE QSM, all were in agreement that a movement was needed to make taxpayers’ voices heard.


Some Wolverhampton residents at the meeting insisted that the city was “more communist than China” due to the control of its various groups and organisations, but no feeling of futility persisted and I was delighted to be relieved of all the leaflets I took along to the meeting (and to be given a couple of orders for some more!).


Most attendees seemed to feel confident that they knew other who felt similarly and I do hope they will encourage their friends to attend our next meeting, which is already scheduled provisionally for Friday 30th May, 1pm at Bantock House. If you’d like to come along and see what you can do to help the campaign then just call or drop me an email at [email protected].


And don’t forget to listen out for WCR FM’s Wolverhampton Politics Show next Friday to hear an interview about our first meeting!


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