Wrexham says no to green energy taxes

On Monday TaxPayers' Alliance supporters  brought our Stop the Energy Swindle campaign to Wrexham. I would not only like to thank our supporters for turning out, but also the local residents for taking their time to sign our petition. The event was part of our campaign to inform local residents and business owners of a big reason why their energy bills have sky-rocketed over the past number of years - green taxes.

The event in Wrexham demonstrated the harsh and very real impact of green taxes upon individuals and their communities. Shop keepers expressed concerns at the burden of energy bills and their worries that continuous increases could actually result in them having to cease trading. Whilst speaking with shoppers many seemed worried about the levels of fuel poverty and questioned how they might cope this year, especially as snow has already stated falling in some parts. Worried that green taxes will cause increase the average family bill to rise by over £200 some pensioners even suggested sacrificing their winter fuel allowance just to have an overall reduction in taxation. Reports of people dying because of the impact of cold weather conditions were vivid in many peoples' minds.

It's time Government changed its disastrous energy policy. Subsidies for uneconomic forms of renewable energy while guaranteeing big profits for energy firms is having disastrous consequences on family bills. Instead the government really needs to provide a lifeline to the people of towns like Wrexham by leaving more cash in their pockets, ensuring that people can afford to actually heat their homes in the build-up to the festive period.

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