You have no right to park outside your own home

Hold on to your hats.  Calm yourselves.  Breathe regular. 


Councillor Mark Bradshaw, who sits on the Cabinet at Bristol City Council, proclaims that no one has a right to free parking outside their home.  As you have no right to park on your street this will mean Bristol taxpayers will pay £40 a year for one car, £80 for two and a whopping £500 a year for 3 cars.  Surprise, surprise, it’s another stealth tax. 


Why can’t these Councils be honest with the people and whack up Council Tax instead of bothering with these sly, snide stealth taxes that merely go to filling up Council coffers?


With the cost of living rising, Council Tax going soaring – Bristol increased their Council Tax by 4% this year – and families struggling to cope in these tough economic times, Cllr Bradshaw adds insult to injury by penalising families for owning a car. 


But why should he care?  After all, Cllr Bradshaw takes in a whopping £30,335 from his positions on the Council.  A look at his declaration of interests shows he has certainly earned it, with jollies to Ireland, Sweden, Hanover and Bordeaux.  He wants his constituents to go green all the while chalking up a fair few air miles.   


The rest of us and Bristol’s taxpayers by comparison have to struggle in hard economic times.  We can’t vote ourselves a pay increase subsidised by the taxpayer.  Bristol City Councillors can.  As always, it’s one rule for them and one way of life for the rest of us.


Do write to the Bristol Evening Post and explain your frustrations by emailing a letter over to [email protected].


Furthermore, kindly explain to Cllr Bradshaw how this is an unfair tax hitting families and serves as yet another stealth tax.  Email him at [email protected] and let us know if you get any replies.

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