TPA in Tatton

May 29, 2014 7:16 PM

The TaxPayers' Alliance yesterday journeyed to Tatton, the constituency MP George Osborne yesterday to raise awareness of Tax Freedom Day, which is when the average Briton stops working for the taxman and starts working for themselves. It is calculated by the Adam Smith Institute and it's a reminder of exactly how little of their money people actually keep.

Despite the grey weather many people were out and about on a high street filled with local businesses, and many were happy to take our leaflets or chat about local and national issues. A lot of people were concerned about business rates and the squeezing of disposable incomes because of high taxes.

Our local TPA activist David Hartley attended the action day and had this to say:

The TaxPayers’ Alliance speak on behalf of the much put upon taxpayer, who carries the burden for every ill conceived project, or every trouble or problem that beset their own local area and country.

Every time a new issue or crisis arises or faces us there only ever seems to be one solution and that solution is to spend more taxpayer's money as if his or her pocket is a bottomless pit; nobody ever seems to have a solution that involves spending less taxpayers' money.

The day also marked the beginnings of the War on Waste campaign which will take TPA activists across the country this summer to raise awareness of wasteful government spending.

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