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How should we fund social care?

With the social care system struggling to meet demand, which is only increasing thanks to demographic pressures, a long term...

10:43 AM January 20, 2017

Clause and effect – how to prevent government contracts from going wrong

Rousseau’s Social Contract may have seen man as being everywhere in chains, but many of the state’s contracts with private...

1:52 PM January 17, 2017

We're hiring a Campaign Manager - Digital

Our campaigns team are recruiting.

11:37 AM January 16, 2017

Increases in precepts are not the answer

In 15th December last year, the government announced that councils would be allowed to raise the social care precept by...

3:30 PM January 13, 2017

We must all stand up for a free press

The public consultation on the introduction of section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act closes on 10th January. Writers...

10:39 AM January 06, 2017

Want to be our new Policy Analyst?

Our research team are recruiting.

12:52 PM January 05, 2017

Are rail fares too high?

Rail fares increased this morning, prompting outrage from unions. The average fare will increase by 2.3 per cent with regulated...

3:38 PM January 03, 2017

NHS Machines: the utilisation of high-value capital equipment at NHS Trusts

6:00 AM December 31, 2016

Whitehall needs to spend more wisely on consultants

From our Thunderer in The Times (Thursday 22 December) - our Chief Executive John O'Connell on the need for...

9:03 AM December 22, 2016

Hitting families with 6% council tax rise will not solve our social care crisis

Responding to the news that ministers have approved a 6 per cent rise in council tax to fund social care,...

10:35 AM December 14, 2016

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