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The World Health Organization's transparency problem

The Taxpayers Protection Alliance in America released a damning report last week looking at the World Health Organization's (WHO) sub-agency...

10:10 AM October 18, 2016

The BBC should accept the need for transparency and accountability towards licence fee payers

On Wednesday Lord Ashton, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport told a Lords debate that

12:58 PM October 14, 2016

Scotland's Overspending Problem

Following the EU referendum result, the Scottish government announced that Scottish independence was once again “on the table”. However, most...

9:16 AM October 13, 2016

Scottish deficit is twice that of the UK and higher than Greece

Research from TaxPayers' Alliance shows an independent Scotland would have to depend on measures such as the following in...

1:00 AM October 13, 2016

HS2 is a wasteful vanity project and must be scrapped

Responding to the speech by Chris Grayling where he argues the case for HS2 is stronger than ever, John O'Connell, Chief...

2:41 PM October 12, 2016

Millions might have been wasted for nothing on Garden Bridge

Today the National Audit Office published its findings from its investigation into the Department for Transport’s grant of £30...

3:38 PM October 11, 2016

The per person spending factbook

The Government is spending over £770 billion of taxpayers' money this year, more that ever before.

9:40 AM October 06, 2016

Think Tent 2016 at Conservative Party Conference

Heading to Conservative Party Conference this year? Join us, alongside the IEA and the Free Enterprise Group, at our Think...

2:56 PM September 29, 2016

Corbyn announces "prospectus for poverty, unemployment, debt and recession"

Corbyn announces "prospectus for poverty, unemployment, debt and recession" says TaxPayers' Alliance

Responding to the speech by...

4:10 PM September 28, 2016

The Greater London Authority should reconsider the Garden Bridge scheme

Today the Mayor of London announced a formal inquiry into the controversial Garden Bridge, which requires £60m of taxpayer’s...

2:08 PM September 22, 2016

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