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Further proof of NHS waste

The TaxPayers’ Alliance has done research on waste in the NHS recently including poor energy and water and

10:55 AM February 05, 2016

Progress on Local Government Devolution

Yesterday the Communities and Local Government Committee published its report into the state of local government devolution.

The outlook...

1:33 PM February 04, 2016

Better public sector estate use is good news for taxpayers

The latest State of the Estate report shows that the government estate has been reduced by 2.4 million m2...

12:16 PM February 04, 2016

More concerns about IPSA

We have long had our concerns about whether IPSA – the quango charged with setting and administering MPs’ pay, pensions...

2:29 PM January 27, 2016

Sun comment: The reforms we need to fix our broken tax system

I wrote about tax reform for this morning's Sun (p.4). Below is the full version of the comment piece. It...

10:17 AM January 26, 2016

Do you know your horseplay from your hijinks?

While putting together the figures for 'Compensation claims made by local authorities' we started coming across some odd figures....

5:15 PM January 21, 2016

What is the future of steel production in the UK?

Tata Steel is back in the news again but the circumstances haven't changed.

The British steel industry is still in...

2:31 PM January 19, 2016

On today's junior doctor strike

Doctors are quite possibly the worst group of people the government can get into a dispute with. At an Institute...

11:28 AM January 12, 2016

Changes to trade union law are long overdue

This afternoon is the Second Reading of the Trade Union Bill in the House of Lords. The Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA)...

1:33 PM January 11, 2016

Management of Disability Assessment Contracts

This morning the National Audit Office released its report into the Department for Work and Pensions' management of health...

1:49 PM January 08, 2016

FOI extension should not be a sop for other restrictions

The last few months have been worrying for those who believe in greater transparency and openness in government. The...

10:10 AM January 08, 2016

Why the price of fuel can't fall as fast as the oil price

In December, the news that petrol was going to dip below £1/litre was received with festive cheer by motorists. And...

3:29 PM January 07, 2016

Doubts over major projects' deliverability

This morning the National Audit Office released its report into the measurement of deliverability of major projects. There is...

12:20 PM January 06, 2016

2015 at the TaxPayers' Alliance

Now that we're back and in full swing for 2016 it's time to look back at the highlights of the...

4:54 PM January 05, 2016

The FOI Act must be protected

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn you may have noticed we’ve...

11:43 AM December 21, 2015

Hitting the 0.7 per cent aid target misses the point

Yesterday the NAO released a report on the trends in UK Official Development Assistance (ODA, which confirmed that we...

9:06 AM December 17, 2015

Tax simplification back on the menu

Ian King writes in today’s Times (£) on the ten ways he would simplify the tax system - a topic...

10:52 AM December 14, 2015

Yet another big town hall payoff

With all too sad regularity, we at the TPA comment on egregious pay-offs for those leaving extremely well paid posts...

2:24 PM December 10, 2015

Public bodies are trying to destroy Freedom of Information

Jonathan Isaby writes for the Telegraph about the responses from public sector bodies to Independent Commission on Freedom of Information...

12:22 PM December 10, 2015

Another facelift for Perth and Kinross Council

Back in 2011, we commented on a certain public interest story surrounding Perth and Kinross Council, or more specifically, their...

5:00 PM December 09, 2015

The cost of government crisis

The discussion of the cost of living is often framed as families not having enough money to get by. But...

1:35 PM December 09, 2015

Undermining the courts through the tax system

The Times and the Sunday Times have reported on a measure mentioned in the fine print of last...

10:59 AM December 01, 2015

Is it time to call time on the NHS's 111 helpline?

More harsh words come today for the NHS’s 111 helpline, this time in the form of a damning critique on...

5:01 PM November 30, 2015

Calls for a sugar tax from the high priests of the nanny state

Increased taxation, censorship, price controls and centralisation.

The proposals included in the report “Childhood obesity—brave and bold action” constitute...

4:39 PM November 30, 2015

Tax simplification at the Institute of Directors

"Tax reform and simplification" was the subject of an interesting panel debate last Thursday night at the Institute of Directors....

10:48 AM November 30, 2015

Spending Review victory from Council Assets and Government Art

Council Assets

This year the TaxPayers’ Alliance released a substantial piece of research on assets owned by local...

11:10 AM November 27, 2015

Spending Review victory from our Town Hall Rich List

Earlier this month the groundbreaking Public Sector Rich List - a collaboration between the TaxPayers’ Alliance and Daily...

11:05 AM November 27, 2015

Spending Review: Another Spending Plan victory

Another Spending Plan policy victory for the TaxPayers' Alliance in the Spending Review. Policy 25 states:

"Transport for London...

11:02 AM November 27, 2015

Spending Review - TPA in the media

A busy week in Westminster and we were on hand to give immediate reaction to the Autumn Statement and Spending...

12:05 PM November 26, 2015

George's big day

Today is George Osborne’s big day at the despatch box as he steps forward to give, what is in effect,...

11:19 AM November 25, 2015

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