"Lose the Levy!" Action Day in Bristol

Our team visited Bristol to campaign against the introduction of a workplace parking levy (WPL). Nottingham introduced one in 2012, charging businesses with 11 or more staff parking spaces, £415 per space, per year! We firmly oppose another stealth tax being introduced in Bristol and our Lose The Levy campaign proved immensely popular with locals. We visited shops and businesses to draw attention to the campaign with many displaying our Lose The Levy posters in their windows. Even local musicians backed our campaign as they belted out "Lose The Levy" to passing shoppers on Gloucester Road. We also garnered the support of Bristol City councillor and leader of the opposition Mark Weston who firmly opposes the levy.

A tax on employees parking their cars at work is the last thing Bristolians need or want. The workplace parking levy is nothing more than a stealthy way for the council to raise revenue at the expense of taxpayers. We are calling on all mayoral candidates to back our campaign and find alternative ways to improve the city's transport infrastructure and air quality.

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