Our mission


You know how to spend your money better than the government. Your money shouldn’t be wasted by those in charge. And you deserve a simple tax system and the best public services available. 

Our vision is a prosperous United Kingdom with lower, simpler taxes funding better, more efficient public services. 

We speak up for British taxpayers. We make your voice heard. 

Our mission is to: 

  • Make the case for fundamental reforms to taxes and public service delivery

  • Equip a grassroots network with the tools to spread our message to millions, both on the ground and online

  • Speak up for taxpayers and hold those in power to account, and bring our vision to the heart of government.


On taxation

  • The government should raise money for services without undermining the British economy
  • We spend our own money better than bureaucrats and politicians
  • We pay taxes when we work to provide for our families, drive to get the weekly shop, fly for a well-earned holiday, shop for essentials and much more besides, so we deserve simpler taxes
  • Lower rates of tax always put more money in your pocket and they kick-start the economy, making the system fairer by creating more jobs and prosperity for everyone

On public services and wasteful spending

  • British people pay for, and deserve, world-leading public services
  • We should respect those public servants who are talented, hard-working and motivated by public service
  • Wasting taxpayers' money is short-sighted, unacceptable and immoral
  • Public services should be efficient, transparent and provide value for money

On campaigning

  • Our local activists are the lifeblood of our Alliance and we will give them the tools to help us expose waste and support taxpayers around the country
  • We will always prioritise the demands of British taxpayers, because our money should be spent making our country an even better place to live
  • We will never apologise for calling out wasteful spending by bloated state bureaucracies and we will always highlight examples of best practice in the public sector
  • We will criticise, praise and inform politicians from all political parties and at all levels
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