Who funds the TaxPayers' Alliance?
In total, we raised £815,000 in 2020. We have over 3,000 supporters who have given us money, and thousands of others who do not, but all individual names are kept private.

They support us because they believe in lower taxes, better services and holding politicians and bureaucrats to account. We are grateful for every single supporter we have.

Why does the TaxPayers' Alliance keep the names of supporters private?
If someone wishes to support our organisation without their name being made public, we automatically respect those wishes. Many people do not like to talk about or broadcast their political views.

If any of our supporters wish to independently say that they support the TPA, financially or otherwise, we would not stop them.

What kind of donations does the TaxPayers' Alliance receive?
In the history of the TPA, we’ve received over 25,000 individual donations. The average value of an individual donation is currently £497.

A very small number of our donations are from corporate donors. They make up less than 1% of our donations.

Is the TaxPayers' Alliance the only organisation that keeps the names of its supporters private?
Groups from all across the political spectrum respect the privacy of their donors.

Unlike many other groups, the TPA does not receive a penny of taxpayers' money and we operate with no debt.

Do your supporters influence your campaigns?
We decide what we want to campaign on, and our local activists drive single-issue campaigning outside of Westminster. We’ve always had a consistent message and independent vision.

If a company wanted to give us £1 million to dictate what we research, we would not accept the money. Similarly, if a group of communists wanted to give us £1 million to promote communism, we would not accept it.

Do you coordinate with other think tanks?
We generally don't coordinate with other think tanks.

We host a monthly meeting for think tanks and pressure groups, mostly from the centre right of the political spectrum. But there is significant disagreement between these groups and what they stand for. The meetings are helpful for general updates and to try and avoid diary clashes.

Why are so many groups based on Tufton Street?
Like tech firms in Shoreditch, journalists on Fleet Street and law firms around Holborn, think tanks naturally cluster around Westminster.

We’ve been based at 55 Tufton Street since 2010. Many other groups have come and gone in that time.

Why do you get so many questions about your funding?
Often, people who don't agree with us choose to smear us with questions about our funding rather than engaging in a debate.

Given the relatively small budget we have, with around 12 staff at any one time, we are delighted with how much we are able to impact the political debate in the UK.

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