Advisory Council

Advisory Council
  • Tim Andrews, Executive Director, Australian Taxpayers' Alliance
  • James Bartholomew, Journalist, author of The Welfare State We’re In and The Welfare of Nations and director of the Museum of Communist Terror
  • Dr Eamonn Butler, Director, Adam Smith Institute
  • Dr Tim Congdon CBE
  • Dr Stephen Davies, Head of Education, Institute of Economic Affairs
  • Emma Dean, Political consultant
  • Mike Denham, Economist
  • Kevin Dowd, Professor of Finance and Economics, Durham University Business School
  • Stephen Herring, Head of Taxation, Institute of Directors
  • Troy Lanigan, President and CEO, Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  • Dominique Lasanzki, Last Press Label, GSMA
  • Ruth Lea CBE, Economic Adviser, Arbuthnot Banking Group
  • Patrick Minford, Professor of Applied Economics at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
  • David B. Smith, Economist and author
  • James Tooley, Professor of Education Policy, Newcastle University
  • Jordan Williams, Executive Director, New Zealand Taxpayers' Union

commented 2018-05-13 11:45:53 +0100
How do I go about joining the advisory council? Are there elections?