Grassroots campaigning is a core component of the TaxPayers' Alliance and one that makes us stand out from the rest. It enables us to play a valuable role in exposing waste, supporting local council tax payers, and raising media awareness for our campaigns.

Our local coordinators and volunteers across the UK play a vital role in making our action days effective and promoting the work of the TPA. 

This is a critical time in politics: whilst the last election was dominated by Brexit the next one will be fought over taxation and the economy. The socialist ideology that led to such hardship in the 1970s appears to be gaining ground once again. It must be stopped. And our grassroots campaign across the country can help do just that.

My team will play a pivotal role to promote a positive message to reform taxes and public services, eradicate wasteful spending and speak up for hardworking taxpayers. Click here to read more about our current campaigns.

Harry Fone
Grassroots Campaign Manager

Local coordinators

Local coordinators are the lifeblood of our grassroots campaigning. Without their hard work and dedication we couldn’t campaign as effectively as we do.

When I joined the TPA in October 2017 we only had 3 local coordinators. I am delighted to say that we now have 20 and more are set to come on-board. Their commitment to the cause is exemplary, especially when you consider that they are all unpaid volunteers.

We hold regular training days in our Westminster office to equip local coordinators with the best campaigning tools and knowledge. Training days are a great opportunity for our local coordinators to see first hand the workings of our organisation whilst also having the opportunity to better understand our research output.


To volunteer as a local coordinator email: