A 'coo' for the taxman

ClownsIs nothing in this country sacred, nothing too out of reach of the taxman?  Today in the Telegraph it appears the taxman is trying to get his beak into pigeon racing.  Yes, pigeon racing.  As pigeon racing isn’t recognised as a sport and therefore doesn’t qualify for tax relief, pigeon fanciers are subject to business rates on the shed where they store the competing birds.


We can add this to the list of reasons how the government is getting bigger and why we need to fight to get the government out of our pockets and back to doing what we want it to do, to keep us safe and let us get on with our lives. 


Usually with these blogs I encourage you to write and complain.  Not this time!  Write to the Royal Pigeon Racing Association to support them in their campaign to be registered as a sport to claim tax relief.  You can contact them by calling 01452 713529 or through their website.


Do get in touch with the RPA and stand by them in their struggle against the taxman. 

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