A sour note for taxpayers as NHS spends £5,000 on jazz seminar

NHS managers have splashed out £5,000 on an afternoon of jazz at taxpayers’ expense.
The London Leading Health Partnership, which runs courses for NHS staff members, hired a pianist to present the 4 hour ‘Jazz Thinking for Transformational Leadership in the NHS’ course to managers, doctors and nurses.

Participants took part in a jam session, followed by a presentation, designed to help with “improvisation and communication”. The course applies jazz techniques to “enhance the art of transformational leadership”.

NHS staff members were advised to follow the example of Miles Davis who once said “there is no such thing as a wrong note”. That might be wonderful advice for saxophone improvisation, but taxpayers will wonder how relevant it is for managers, doctors and nurses in the NHS. Coming so recently after the Mid Staffordshire scandal, cover-ups and the revelation of 13,000 "excess" deaths last year, you would think that NHS bureaucrats would focus on improving patient care while showing proper regard for the taxpayers who actually pay for the service.

NHS managers have lost touch with common sense and it's time they got back to basics and stopped wasting our money on ludicrous schemes like this.

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