A wheelie bad waste in Ashford

OakcycleAshford Borough Council, fresh after wasting thousands of pounds initiating a public consultation on graffiti (that’s street art to the politically correct), is now wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayers money buying bicycles and accessories for council staff to urge them to 'go green'.  Council staff will then buy back the bikes but the VAT, income tax and national insurance savings could save them up to 50% on the overall cost of bicycle equipment. 


Never mind foot and mouth, folks, the quickest spreading disease in this country is green-gimmick-syndrome.  Each council is under statute to employ a ‘climate change’ department at a running cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.  Now Ashford Borough Council slavishly follows a government initiative to encourage cycling to work at a greater cost to you.  Surely it would save more energy to scrap these gimmicky departments rather than have them waste our money and energy just to appease politicians' consciences.


These gimmicks won’t solve climate change and taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for them!


So keep up the pressure on town halls, write to the leader of Ashford Borough Council, Cllr Paul Clokie:


Cllr Paul Clokie
Ashford Borough Council
The Briars
High Street
Kent TN30 6JB
Email: [email protected]


And the local paper:


Letters Editor
Ashford office of the Kentish Express
34 North Street
TN24 8JR
Email: [email protected] (highlight it’s a letter for the Ashford edition of the Kent Express)

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