Air Passenger Duty submission

The TaxPayers' Alliance has formally submitted a representation for Budget 2018, calling for a cut to Air Passenger Duty.

Buying a ticket for a long-haul flight out of the UK will set you back at least £78 in air passenger duty, a tax levied on all adult flyers from UK airports. 

The UK has the highest short and long-haul aviation tax anywhere in Europe. Countries nearby, like Ireland, have abolished their air taxes. Northern Ireland gets hit particularly bad, as holidaymakers head to Dublin to dodge the unnecessary costs. 

Flying does have consequences, like emissions and noise for people who live right near airports, but the £3.5 billion it raises pays for those many times over. 

Committing to cut air passenger duty in half would be a great message from the Chancellor and a huge help to holidaymakers. 

Click here to see our submission.

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