Bath supporters want to 'Stop the Energy Swindle'

The sun shone on Bath TPA supporters as they helped Chief Executive Matthew Sinclair launch our ‘Stop the Energy Swindle’ campaign in the South West. Gathering in the shadow of Bath’s beautiful Abbey, they handed out leaflets to local shoppers, telling them how they can protest at sky-high gas and electricity bills inflated by fat government green subsidies and taxes.

‘It’s ridiculous,’ said Bath’s TPA grassroots coordinator Tim Newark, ‘ we’re paying way more than we need for our heating bills just so wealthy landowners can make even more money out of taxpayer subsidies for wind farms and solar panels. It hits right at the heart of our soaring cost of living expenses and it’s not fair on families already struggling with other rising bills.’

‘While I do see that we need to use alternative energy sources,’ says Robert Morgan, a local TPA supporter and market stallholder, ‘this should be as they naturally become less expensive, not driven by a political agenda to force more expensive alternatives on us.’ ‘It’s a rip off,’ said another stallholder, ‘ we’re paying too much to support all these wind turbine farms!’

Local TPA supporter, Ernie Warrender, fears a return to the 1970s if the government doesn't get its act together and improve its energy policy. ‘Is there any hope?’ he wonders. ‘I started work in the three-day week. They turned off the electric Tuesday and Thursday. It’s coming!’

If you too are fed-up with sky-high energy bills, click on and a letter will automatically be sent to your local MP

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