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TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals the 2,181 council staff earning more than £100,000

The TaxPayers’ Alliance is proud to present the eighth Town Hall Rich List, the Who’s Who of senior local government...

10:32 AM August 05, 2014

Destination Luton for APD Campaign

On Thursday, five people and a cardboard cut-out set out on a noble quest: to persuade the good people of...

10:26 AM August 01, 2014

Treasury cashing in on housing crisis with Stamp Duty ratchet

The Treasury is cashing in on the housing crisis with Stamp Duty revenues approaching record numbers and millions more being...

10:16 AM August 01, 2014

Holiday Tax Campaign Arrives in Liverpool

On Wednesday, three of us from Tufton Street made our way to Liverpool John Lennon Airport to continue our week...

10:11 AM July 31, 2014

COMMENT: We need a proper MPs Recall Bill

Yesterday Andy Silvester wrote on the Spectator blog, arguing for a proper Recall Bill.

4:18 PM July 30, 2014

COMMENT: Slapping a new tax on supermarkets won’t help small businesses or shoppers

Dia Chakravarty wrote for the Conservative Home website this morning, slamming the proposals to implement a new tax on supermarkets.


3:48 PM July 30, 2014

TPA protests the hated Holiday Tax in Bristol

TPA supporters protested against Air Passenger Duty (APD) in Bristol Airport yesterday, setting up a stall in the departure zone...

4:17 PM July 29, 2014

Payouts in Wales

Figures released last week by BBC Wales have highlighted that local authorities have spent £30m of taxpayers’ money on redundancy packages.


4:17 PM July 29, 2014

A Town Council with an unfortunate penchant for hoarding

It’s slightly unusual for a council at the parish level to feature on this blog, but Dover Town Council has...

3:48 PM July 29, 2014

World's Fastest Speaker vs the UK Tax Code

5:30 PM July 26, 2014

Wasting Lives: A statistical analysis of NHS performance

5:29 PM July 26, 2014

Income tax: call it what it is

5:27 PM July 26, 2014

Stop Britain Funding Argentina

3:14 PM July 26, 2014

TPA at Ten

3:10 PM July 26, 2014

Can the road to Kansas deliver economic results?

The Daily Telegraph’s Jeremy Warner says that Britain should follow Kansas and dramatically reduce taxes, citing the economic benefits that the...

3:48 PM July 25, 2014

Avon and Somerset need bobbies on the beat, not flower power

Avon and Somerset Police have spent £5,000 on a flower garden, in an effort to reduce local crime rates. 

3:48 PM July 25, 2014

Stockton Council’s Expensive Property Grab

Stockton Borough Council has been buying up large, high end houses at above market rates, with seemingly little concern for...

12:59 PM July 24, 2014

Bristol’s unwanted parking zones come under attack

Local residents and traders opposed to elected Bristol Mayor George Ferguson’s costly Residents’ Parking Zones (RPZ) gathered outside City Hall...

12:56 PM July 23, 2014

Could a Mansion Tax make our housing markets even more dysfunctional?

In today’s Daily Telegraph Jeremy Warner makes two very interesting points on the UK’s housing market dysfunctions and some commentators’ hopes...

12:54 PM July 15, 2014

Our War on Waste roadshow closes after 9 days, 29 stops, and over 1,300 miles

We started out 11 days ago, heading north from London, stopping off in Harlow,Ipswich, and Peterborough on our first day,...

12:51 PM July 15, 2014

Victory for Bath’s Independent Shops

With over 1,400 local business people and residents signing a petition calling on Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES) Council...

12:49 PM July 11, 2014

This is test post one without the colon

This is a plain text tagged test post. Containing the following tags. Winsford, Cheshire

9:43 AM July 11, 2014

COMMENT: Forget the celebrity tax allegations: Our complex system is the real issue

I explain in City AM this morning why tax reform should be the lesson from the latest avoidance saga:

12:46 PM July 10, 2014

Midlands the next stop for the War on Waste Roadshow

The War on Waste roadshow made its way into the Midlands today with stopovers in Manchester, Stoke-on Trent, Stafford and...

12:40 PM July 09, 2014

Tax Reform Urgently Needed – a lot of people do know that, Mr Caine

A clutch of celebrities including Michael Caine, the Arctic Monkeys, Katie Melua and George Michael are said to have sheltered...

12:36 PM July 09, 2014

MP speaks out against local green bin tax

Paying more and more for less and less seems the mantra now for local council services. South Gloucestershire MP Chris...

11:01 AM July 09, 2014

The War on Waste rolls on

Yesterday marked a busy day on the War on Waste Roadshow, stopping off to spread the word four times as...

12:33 PM July 08, 2014

War on Waste roadshow comes to Leicester

This morning the War on Waste roadshow rolled up at the High Street at Leicester. We pitched up at the...

2:33 PM July 06, 2014

War on Waste visits Nottingham, Sheffield and Doncaster

The War on Waste moved on this afternoon, taking in the centre of Nottingham as well as the constituency offices...

12:31 PM July 06, 2014

War on Waste roadshow stops at Ipswich and Peterborough

Following yesterday morning's visit to Harlow, the War on Waste roadshow called in at Ipswich and Peterborough as Saturday...

10:11 AM July 06, 2014

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