Breaking down the budget: five features you may have missed

By Joe Ventre, digital campaign manager

This year’s budget was anything but typical. With measures to tackle the coronavirus outbreak understandably dominating the media’s attention and the wider economic picture in flux, many of the less immediate elements seem to have slipped through the net.

Below we have outlined five such features you may have missed.

Among these was an increase in the national insurance threshold, a positive step towards the TaxPayers’ Alliance position of equalising the national insurance and income tax thresholds.


1. National insurance



2. Fuel duty



3. Plastic packaging tax



4. Beer, cider, wine and spirit duties



5. Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland budget increases


1. RAC Foundation - Tax as % of pump price

2. Office for National Statistics - Economies of ale: changes in the UK pubs and bars sector, 2001 to 2019

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