Briefing: Stonewall government grants


  • Between 2015-16 and 2018-19, Stonewall received at least £2,616,102 in grants from government bodies. The year 2018-19 saw the largest amount, with the organisation receiving £748,295.

  • These figures are an underestimate of the actual total. This is because a significant proportion of Stonewall’s income is from fees (such as Diversity Champions) and events.

  • The Department for Education provided the largest total grant over the period at £934,424. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Welsh government were the second and third largest public sector sources for grants, giving £660,028 and £552,326 respectively.

  • Taxpayer-funded lobbying must come to an end so that public money is not being used to distort political decision making by advancing policy positions which taxpayers may seriously disagree with.


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