COMMENT: Falkland Islanders' opinions on their own future are not worthless, Mr Carmona

Argentine politicians have been scathing in their contempt for Falkland Islanders' opinions about their future and their right to self-determination. Despite this, and repeated other violations of international law, Britain still does not use its votes at the World Bank to block our money backing loans to Argentina, explains Rory Meakin at ConservativeHome.

The Falkland Islands Government has announced an historic referendum on the future of the islands’ sovereignty, which David Cameron welcomed during Prime Minister’s Questions this afternoon following a question from Nigel Adams MP about British Government support for World Bank lending to Argentina. Although few are in any doubt that Falklanders will vote overwhelmingly in favour of remaining a British Overseas Territory, the move is expected to help repel attempts by Argentina to colonise the territory, either diplomatically or militarily.


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