Cost Cutting Ideas for Local Councils

Today, Harry Phibbs, on ConservativeHome, posted a list of 100 ways to cut the Council Tax without cutting services.  The options include ideas for cost-cutting from advertising to street lighting to libraries.  It is great to see such realistic and reasonable ideas laid out.


We need to see these kinds of ideas put into practice in councils around the country.  They offer a great opportunity for local councils to show their constituents that they are keeping their best interests in mind.  As taxpayers' cash is having to stretch thinner and thinner in the recession, they need local authorities to keep costs as low as possible.  And yet, too few councils have succeeded in (or tried) reducing the burden on our pocketbooks.


As many of the ideas in Harry Phibbs' blog came from councils that are already cutting costs, he is also right to encourage others to follow suit and come up with their own ideas.  If you have any thoughts, contribute to the post with your own thoughts and suggestions.  Or better yet, send them, along with your favorites from Harry Phibbs' list, to your local councillors.

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