Council fights fashion not crime

Are Peterborough City Council taking the p***?Clowns


Forklift driver David Pratt is under investigation by Peterborough City Council for wearing as an ‘offensive’ T-shirt.  He faces a £80 fine if he is caught wearing the T-shirt again.


How much taxpayer’s money is this petty persecution of free expression costing us?  Think about it.  First you have to employ powerless ‘street wardens’ to look out for these ‘crimes’ (because they don’t have the power to combat serious crime).  Then there’s the bureaucrats dealing with the ‘complaint’.  Then factor in the costs of the paperwork to issue the fine and this is all done for a mere £80 fine at the end of it.


Although this is a story to make your eyes roll in disbelief, the fact is that Peterborough City Council thinks it can regulate what we wear as it takes money from frontline services to persecute people for their fashion sense.  Do you think councils should spend our money fighting crime or fashion?


It seems now that we’re being ever more micro-managed by a state that thinks it has the right to nanny us like this.  From dictatorial central government right through to local government apparatchiks, they all need to be told to back off – taxpayers have had enough!!!


I will be writing to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph and Peterborough Today expressing outrage at Peterborough Council’s obscure priorities.  You should too! 


Their address is:
Letters Editor
Peterborough Evening Telegraph and/or Peterborough Today
57 Priestgate,
PE1 1JW,
United Kingdom


Or email: [email protected] (this is the contact address given by the Peterborough Evening Telegraph for their letters page)


How long will it take to send off an email expressing how you, the British taxpayer, are fed up with the culture of waste and incompetence in local government?  With a loud enough voice we can put across the message for change. 

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