Council sponsors football team and not services

ClownsOur Dagenham and Rainham TPA organiser has sent us information about Dagenham council’s reckless use of public money.


The council is using £90,000 of taxpayers’ money to sponsor their local football team, Dagenham and Rainham FC.  This happens while the council uses its propaganda sheets, such as New Spotlight, to whine about underinvestment in housing and other public services.


One Party States like Dagenham routinely waste taxpayers’ money.  This is nothing new.  The ways in which councils waste taxpayers’ money, however, are becoming more and more bizarre.  If it’s not waste on non-jobs, such as this week’s Urdu and Punjabi-only Welfare Rights Officer, then it’s your money squandered on unnecessary sponsorship of football teams – something other teams are able to get from private industry.


So if you’re reading this in Dagenham or Barking – or anywhere in the UK - and can’t believe that your council tax went up last year to pay for sponsorship and not services, then join the TaxPayers’ Alliance and get active.  Write to the Barking and Dagenham Post and let them know that taxpayers’ money should be put to services and not sponsorship.  You contact them at:


Letters Editor
The Barking and Dagenham Post
10 Whalebone Lane South


Or email: [email protected]


Please note that letters have to be received by 12PM every Monday for publication in that week’s paper.


If any activists out there find any waste or inefficiency in your local council, then do let us know so we can publicise it and rally TPA activists to write to these councils and local papers exposing and shaming the ongoing waste of our money!

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