Councillor allowances on the rise

The LGA has today released its survey of councillor allowances from over 300 English councils.  From their summary you can see average councillor allowances rising above inflation to an average of £6,099 per.  Astonishingly, the London average councillor salary equates to almost £10,000 – not a bad income supplement for a backbench councillor, is it?  Good news if you’re a backbench Croydon councillor, your basic salary comes in at £11,596.


Looking at council leaders, the average in London is almost £40,000 at £37,486 (nearly as much as a Tube driver).  Of note is the very high £53,783 salary earned by the leader of Kensington and Chelsea – the highest London leader's salary declared in the LGA survey.


Unfortunately, the LGA isn’t publishing the full survey on their website.  We, however, have a copy so if you would like to receive the spreadsheet of councillor allowance data – bearing in mind this isn’t a comprehensive survey of all councils – then feel free to email me and I will send on the spreadsheet.


We also have a way for our supporters to get involved in deciding what councillor allowances should be.  My report here on Independent Remuneration Panels shows you how councils adjudicate councillor allowances.  Further, it shows how you can get onto these panels.  If you would like to apply for your council’s Independent Remuneration Panel, then please email me and I will send details.


The political crisis engulfing our country shows that apathy isn’t the answer.  If you feel your councillors aren’t delivering for you, contact me, apply for your council’s Independent Remuneration Panel and hold them to account where they’ll take note – in their wallets.

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