Councils spend £5m on ‘parklets’ left strewn with rubbish

A TaxPayers' Alliance investigation has uncovered that UK councils have spent a total of nearly £5 million on the construction and maintenance of parklets. Parklets, existing car parks converted into green social areas, were a part of a temporary measure to ensure safe social distancing in public spaces after the pandemic. For the last three financial years, the total spent was £4,800,347.45.


Speaking to the Times, which published the findings, our investigations campaign manager, Joanna Marchong, said:

“In the midst of soaring council debt and tax rates residents will be questioning whether parklets, which were supposed to be temporary, are worth their hard earned cash.

“ Councils may have thought that these communal areas were worthwhile during the pandemic, however with COVID behind us, the cost for them to stay is unjustifiable.

“ Local authorities should not be responsible for pointless parklets. If businesses or communities want them then they should incur the costs, otherwise they should be removed.”


Read the full story here.

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