Crumbling schools



Some 'Victorian' schools were in pretty good shape


The Observer reports that schools aren't being kept in shape:

"Schoolchildren are being taught in 'Victorian' conditions in buildings that have leaking roofs, broken windows and slippery floors, according to research by a major teaching union.

Almost half of all teachers work in schools where water drips from the ceilings and windows do not fit properly, the study by the NASUWT concludes. A third complained of damp and slippery corridors, while one in five said lighting was poorly maintained. Most said they had to work in excessively hot or cold conditions and 30 per cent did not have easy access to drinking water."

This is the result of the political management of schools.  As politicians are trying to do too much, with too little experience, their understanding of success is based on a narrow set of measures - the physical quality of the school is often sidelined.  If control were handed back to Civil Society the resulting distortion could be removed and those with a direct stake in the performance of the school - teachers, students and parents - could and would insist on properly maintained facilities.  Just as happened with Council Houses an end to political control would go hand in hand with an improvement in standards.

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