Destination Luton for APD Campaign

On Thursday, five people and a cardboard cut-out set out on a noble quest: to persuade the good people of Luton Airport to support our campaign to abolish Air Passenger Duty (APD), a tax levied on all people flying out of the UK. After marching dramatically (well, taking a train) to Luton Airport, we set up a stall in the lobby outside the departure lounge, put on our armour (TaxPayers’ Alliance t-shirts) and primed our clipboards for battle. Armed with facts and figures, we were prepared.

Fortunately, our campaign was not as perilous as implied above. People, especially at this time of year, know they are affected by the high cost of flying. However, when I asked “Are you aware how much of your money is going directly to politicians through Air Passenger Duty?”, none knew the answer.

Most were shocked when they found out that when flying in economy class on a short-haul flight, they were paying £13 directly to the Treasury. £13 of their hard-earned money which was not going towards improving their flying experience in any way.


On the whole, the public reaction was positive, with many keen to sign up to our campaign. After our visits earlier this week to Bristol Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport, support for the abolition of APD is growing stronger each day.

If you are reading this and are among the millions of people due to head off on their summer holiday this month, enjoy your flight! Hopefully, the Chancellor might make it a little more affordable soon.

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