EU Research Papers

For your convenience: Here is a list of our EU research papers

April 2010: Britain's Justice and Home Affairs Opt Ins

In this research note, the TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals a list of JHA areas, obtained through a Freedom of Information request, in which the British Government has surrendered its opt out in Brussels.

November 2009: Hague's Handbag: Conservative Party policy after the ratification of Lisbon

This paper will show that only by delivering on a clear set of objectives will the United Kingdom’s position with the European Union ever be firmly settled, and that this requires a new treaty structure with a looser form of association.

October 2009: The expensive failure of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
The report sets out how the scheme has cost consumers across Europe €93 billion but been ineffective in controlling emissions.

September 2009: EU Diplomats
The report sets out how the EU is already running an expensive foreign policy.

June 2009: Could Do Better? Grading the performance of British MEPs
This report analyses British MEP activity over the last European Parliamentary session, in order to increase transparency and drive accountability, particularly ahead of the forthcoming European Parliament elections.

May 2009: Speaking Volumes: The European Commission's Libraries
This paper shows that the extravagance of these underused assets stretches far further than was previously thought. This is particularly inappropriate when many public libraries in the UK are under threat of closure.

May 2009: From Thespians to Death Rays: Funding surprises from the EU grants list
The report details a number of surprising grants from the European Union.

April 2009: Reforming EU Development Assistance
The report sets out detailed proposals for reforming EU development assistance in order to ensure transparency and accountability and put an end to abuse of European taxpayers' money.

March 2009: The Great European Rip-off: How the Corrupt, Wasteful EU is Taking Control of Our Lives
This new book by Matthew Elliott and David Craig provides a guide to what really goes on in the European Union in our name.

January 2009: How the Common Agricultural Policy costs families nearly £400 a year
The report argues for reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, setting out a new estimate of the cost to taxpayers and consumers.

January 2009: The Price of Fish: Costing the Common Fisheries Policy
The report sets out the first ever comprehensive costing of the Common Fisheries Policy, and argues that it has been a disaster for fishermen, consumers and the environment alike.

December 2008: The EU's renewables policy: official cost estimates to Britain
The report, by leading economist Ruth Lea, sets out the range of estimates of the cost of the EU's renewables policies, and shows how Britain is being asked to make a much larger adjustment than most other member states.

October 2008: Brussels or Whitehall: Locating the Source of the UK's Regulatory Burden
The paper presents a comprehensive picture of the sources of the UK’s regulatory burden, showing that blame cannot be laid at one door, with both the EU and Whitehall at fault.

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