Examples of how to save money and keep council tax low

Trafford Council is the third lowest funded Metropolitan District in the country, receiving only £365 per head against an average of £591, an equivalent loss of £49.3 million.

However, Trafford also has the 19th lowest Council Tax in the Country, because it has a culture of delivering a high level of efficiencies to meet the budget deficit across all services, including those that may be classed as politically sensitive. Council tax has been frozen for five years and is the lowest in the North West.

The change in the global economy has had far reaching consequences for everyone. The severity of funding reductions, suppression of existing income sources, increasing public expectations and genuine increasing demand in the community means that traditional approaches to budget settingare no longer sufficient and a new approach is needed.

The Council has put measures in place to ensure that it provides the highest quality public
services, that meet the continuously changing needs of residents in a fast pace society, at the
lowest cost

The full essay by Councillor Sean Anstee can be read here

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