Global Quangos Uncovered factbook

In November 2023, the TaxPayers' Alliance published this factbook for the Global Quangos Uncovered campaign.



British politicians have for many years talked about a ‘bonfire of the quangos’, but whether or not they’ve managed to get that bonfire going, less attention has been paid the web of global quangos that exert increasing influence on the lives of British taxpayers. People have largely never heard of them; that includes those who ought to hold them to account on our behalf. All the while, TPA research has revealed that global quangos have received £85 billion from the UK government since 2009.

The scale of the problem was recently laid bare when we revealed how international organisations, which have actively campaigned against government policy, had received £1.5 billion of British taxpayers’ money. It’s time to shine a light on them, and let British taxpayers know what they do, how much they cost and how they interfere in our policymaking.


John O’Connell
Chief Executive, TaxPayers’ Alliance



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