Grassroots action day in Morden

MertonActionDay 022  


The grassroots campaign was out and about in Morden, South London, today, with a protest outside Merton Council’s town hall.  Armed with our new leaflets, some excellent grassroots placards and the grit and determination to see our council tax cut, we met and talked to Londoners who overwhelmingly agreed with us that our taxes should be cut. 


MertonActionDay 020


In the space of 3 hours, we handed out over 1,000 recruitment postcards.  I lost count the number of cars honking in support, too. 


MertonActionDay 006    


As we parted, we all agreed to give this another go in March to rally more support for lower taxes as Merton council votes on their council tax in a few weeks.  We were out there today to make a point to the council that we need a tax cut in these times, not a tax hike.  It’s to the credit of Layla Wells, Donna Stanley and co. that they did something about tax and will continue the campaign regardless! 


MertonActionDay 011


So f you care about the pounds in your pocket and can’t stand the way government wastes your money – then get involved.  There can be just two of us with placards and leaflets or two hundred campaigning for the cause.  The fact is, when the results are in, you and I can say we did something to stop high taxes. 


MertonActionDay 023


On that note, if you would like an action day leafleting or petitioning in your area, either organising a door to door leaflet drop or petitioning in the high street, then please do contact me at [email protected].  Remember that it’s your money the politicians are wasting.

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