Grassroots conference activity

Your very own grassroots coordinator went to two conferences this year, the UK Independence Party Conference and the Conservative Party Conference to preach the virtues of a low tax society (as well as signing up new supporters to the campaign). 


UKIP gave the TPA an opportunity to make a keynote address about our aims and our approach to big government and high taxes.  Rather than print out my 17-minute speech, here’s a video of it for your interest. (Thanks to Simon Richards at the Freedom Association for the camerawork).


Part 1:

Part 2:

At the Conservative Party Conference, I was invited onto a speaking competition called ‘Tories got talent’, to set out our vision.  I didn’t win, but I had a message that brought some truths that needed to be discussed.  I said, quite bluntly, that it is the job of all freedom lovers and low tax activists inside political parties and out to hold all local authorities and government to account.  We will not get the lower taxes we want just by toeing party lines.  It might not be popular, but if you believe in lower taxes, you must fight for them even if it means turning your fire on those in the same party.


I also manned our stand in the Freedom Zone and met several delegates who were responsive to our message. 


The joy I have being the grassroots coordinator here is meeting low tax activists of all parties and none.  In talking to people you get to convey the message, sometimes disagreeing, but that’s the responsibility of us here to turn the doubters into TPA supporters.


I'd also like to thank all those TPA supporters who have come to help us hand out leaflets and campaign at the Party conferences. 


Thanks for reading.  If you agree with our campaign for lower taxes and want to know more about the TPA, you can register online, completely free of charge, here.

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