Half-day for Council workers to go 'Christmas Shopping'

ClownsNo word of a lie but Nick Ferrari on LBC Radio has revealed that Leicestershire County Council will allow its staff to take an afternoon off just to go Christmas shopping (found in the Leicestershire local paper too).  Good for them, but they’re still on the clock.  As far as I know public sector workers don’t receive piece rates or an hourly wage, but they get a salary.  So, while they’re jingling all the way to the shopping centre, we’re paying for their privilege.


Cllr Kevin Feltham defended this to clamp down on staff taking time off ‘sick’ just to go Christmas shopping…at your expense.  This sweeping generalisation from Cllr Feltham assumes all council workers fake sickies just to go Christmas shopping, when that’s very unlikely. 


So write in, get the debate going and hold Leicestershire County Council to account!

Letters Editor
The Leicester Mercury
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