Havering Action Days #3, 4, 5

Rounding off our campaign in Havering, our team were on the ground for three days straight in the run up to the council’s budget meeting, delivering leaflets and speaking to residents.

Things culminated with an unusually long (5 hours to be precise) meeting of the council. The majority Conservative Party tried to sway votes by promising to tackle councillor allowances. In the end, alternative budget amendments from opposition councillors saw Special Responsibility Allowances (SRAs) cut by 15 per cent. A saving of just over £77,000 to local taxpayers.

Whilst we didn't quite get the victory we hoped for, we shouldn't lose sight of the impact our campaign had. The council is now on notice that wasteful spending will not go down well with residents and the money saved in SRAs can be put back into frontline services.

The TaxPayers' Alliance will continue to call out councils that waste your money!

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