High Salary Cut

Good news for Islington that in the wake of local dismay - my own included - at his excessive pay of £210,000, Town Hall Chief Executive John Foster has declared his intention not to renew his contract with the borough next year. New council leader Catherine West says she will cut £50,000 off the salary of the next chief executive’s income. West goes on to say: “We’re not going to waste money employing expensive head-hunters, we’ll be doing it in-house.” Bravo, Councillor West, this is just what we like to hear!


London-Islington-TPA  Not only did Foster raise Islington eyebrows by earning more than the Prime Minister, he also oversaw a high profile mess-up when local voters were unable to cast their vote in May thanks to poor election night organisation. Despite this all, he considered himself “good value”. Now, Cllr West, how about reviewing the salaries of the 21 other council officers who earn over £100,000...


Tim Newark, Islington TPA


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