How cool do NHS bosses need to be?

Apparently it's an important question. But let's hope that 'record investment' and ring-fencing the NHS budget doesn't lead to more of this:

Ambulance service chiefs spent £10,000 on a questionnaire for staff which asked them to rate how 'cool' Hitler was. The survey, which appeared in a newsletter for West Midlands Ambulance Service staff, is part of a project to find out what makes a good boss. It bizarrely asked staff to rate how 'cool' different leaders were including Sir Richard Branson, Gordon Brown, Adolf Hitler, Fabio Cappello and their own chief executive Ian Cummings. Titled 'Making Leadership Cool; How Do Emerging Leaders Want to be Supported and Managed', it is part of a year-long project funded by the taxpayer.

Cutting waste and achieving genuine productivity (read quality healthcare) must be the priorities for the NHS. Blindly throwing money at the organisation and hoping some of it sticks is not the solution.

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