How much worse off are you?

DonotfeedthetaxmanThe Department for Communities and Local Government has issued its ridiculous defence of this year’s Council Tax increases, much along the lines of “it’s the least worst rise in 11 years”, which is as much of a paradox as ‘helpful botulism’ or ‘medicinal anthrax’.


You’ll read in today’s and tomorrow’s papers the government, councils and the Local Government Association lauding this year’s tax INCREASES as some kind of gift from the gods that they proclaim to be.  Yet this year’s average increase is still above the government rate of inflation and comes on top of ten years of council tax increases.


You can find the data on the Local Government department website here.


You can also see from this chart here how per dwelling, Council Tax has doubled in the last ten years.


So, find your council here and give them what for and please leave in the comments section below your council’s tax increase (or cut if you live in Hammersmith and Fulham) so we can compare and contrast across our supporter base.

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