If ever you have half a million spare...

Even though we got today’s non-job from a supporter’s research into their local council, we have gone through the Guardian Society jobs pages and, naturally, found some startling adverts for local government jobs.

Since I’ve been trawling through the Guardian jobs pages, I’ve seen the odd job over £100,000 (remember this is a hundred thousand of your money) but this week must be some kind of record.  Look at the following all from one week:

Corporate Director at Wrekin Council - £113,000
Director of Manchester Improvement Programme at Manchester City Council - £110,000
Executive Director of Children and Young People at South Tyneside Council - £106,000
Director of Corporate Finance and Audit at Ealing Council - £110,000
Strategic Director of Education and Children’s Services at Slough Borough Council - £120,000

The totals of these jobs run to over half a million pounds of taxpayers money.  And that’s just the start.  Add in the pensions and operating costs and you’re looking at well over a million pounds for only 5 taxpayer funded jobs in local government.

This is the scale of the problem facing us.  The public sector payroll is growing ever more, taking more of our taxes as the politicians sit silent.  It’s up to us to fight back.  Join us by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 0845 330 9554 to get involved in the campaign.  Write that letter for lower taxes, lobby your councillor or MP and tell your friends and colleagues about the TaxPayers’ Alliance.  Every bit we do helps the cause.

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